Sew Stressful

Normally I find all things crafty pretty relaxing – and that’s a big part of why I love them. This week however has been a little different. An old friend of mine asked me to help out in creating a few bits and bobs for his impending wedding. Now, whilst I was more than happy to help out I hadn’t banked on quite how much fretting I was about to do.


Karey helped me out with the writing on the tags – my terrible handwriting and ‘creative’ spelling wasn’t up to the job!

The idea was a straight forward one and nothing technically difficult. Essentially what was needed was a large fabric covered notice board to act as a seating plan. Each guest would have a pretty tag pinned to the board with their name on the front and their table on the back. I also needed to make a bit of bunting with the word ‘CARDS’ on the flags to decorate a pretty vintage suitcase. Thus, my friend and I planned an hour to take a trip into town for a spot of fabric shopping and pencil sketches were exchanged and ideas discussed on the details of how all these ideas would look.


Got to love a bit of heat-and-bond applique!

I’m very happy with taking ideas out of my head and making them into a crafty end product, that I have no problem with. What I’ve been struggling with is making sure that the choices that I’ve been making through the week will be seen by my friend as good ones, rather than ‘what in the world were you thinking of!? choices. Was what I saw in my minds eye as I sketched badly in pencil and my friend was polite enough to pretend to understand the same thing? Not just making something for a friend, but making something for a friends wedding (which, for the record is this Saturday, so there’s no time for changing minds or plans!) has piled on the pressure.


Nothing says vintage like a bit of bunting.

Well, I’m all finished and thanks to the powers of heat-and-bond applique (I love, love, love the crisp edges you can get on cut out lettering, it just makes me happy) and the wonders of a heat erasable pen to be able to mark up and get everything in place, I think I’m happy with the end result – but will G&G be?? I can safely say for those of you that see me around and about you’ll be able to tell how my creations are greeted – as the friend also happens to be my hairdresser, if you see me with sporting a very ‘unusual’ haircut, you’ll know that the outcome wasn’t good and revenge has been taken.




P.S. I use the words stress and pressure in a making-something-crafty kind of a way, I do realise that there are real people out there with proper jobs looking after the sick, keeping our streets safe, coping with illness and genuinely doing things that are high pressure and stressful, and as ever I take my hat off to you!


Pretty vintage suitcase for all the wedding cards..