Skirts galore

Ok, well, not galore, but a couple of them at least ūüôā



Neon Orange

Neon Orange


After the exhausting quilt (see here), I needed a bit of a break and a couple of gin and tonics before I set up my sewing machine again. ¬†(I will not be beaten¬†by a sewing machine, I will not be beaten by ……)

But…I was totally inspired by THIS¬†really cute skirt up on the Purlbee and decided I’d give it a go for my daughter. ¬†The materials all just fell into place – I found the wonderfully¬†bright neon orange elastic at John Lewis, and simply by chance Jo spotted the¬†fabric in our local haberdashery shop (thanks Jo) – so I scooted down there and found a perfectly sized remnant – I can’t believe how nicely¬†the two go together, don’t you think? ¬†It was all going so well! (Note: The fabric is actually a Liberty print called Jodie C in a silk satin)

Finished Skirt


In theory, it’s a totally simple skirt to make. ¬†But, ‘sewing machine’ had different ideas. ¬†After jamming, breaking, straining, whirring excitedly and generally misbehaving I realised that ‘sewing machine’ needed some love (or a one way¬†trip to the recycling). ¬†So, skirt number 1 ended up taking a good three days of sewing, jamming, unpicking, sewing, sticking, unpicking before it finally came to fruition. ¬†Jo was lucky enough to witness my total frustration, and was uncharacteristically quiet during the whole process (fearing, I think, for her own safety).

However, I sat down with my machine and had a good overhaul and it seems to be a much happier beast now….leading to skirt no. 2, which was made in about an hour and a half without a mention of ‘unpicking’ anywhere.


This one was made from a remnant I found in our Crafts and Coffee fabric box, and a piece of plain blue, quite wide elastic. ¬†Although I love the colour of the neon orange elastic, it’s reasonably¬†firm and so not quite as comfortable to wear (I am reliably informed by my daughter!). ¬†The wider elastic seems to sit¬†better to my mind too. I also decided to add a small detail to the hem of no. 2, just to make it pop a bit more.

Being used!

Being used!

The really lovely thing about both of these skirts is that they’ve already been worn and covered in mud and shimmied up trees – what better repayment for the effort (and mild frustration ūüôā ) than to see them actually being used!!

The sewing machine is now back in my good books, and has been spied by my mum who has now requested a couple of cushion covers (brave woman!!). ¬†I’ll let you know how they go.

Happy day.