Kids Crafts for Wet Days!

It’s raining. It’s a Bank Holiday. Here are a list of some ideas I’ve found over the years that can help to keep small people entertained when the English weather does it’s thing, and I can’t face them watching another movie. Most of them do need you to already have yarn of some sort in the house, but even if you haven’t (why not??!) you could probably improvise with a ball of string.

Finger Knitting

Finger knitting is easy to do and can be turned into scarves, belts, spiders webs, ninja belts. Once they’ve mastered the art, try it with two or three strands of different coloured yarn at a time.


French Knitting

I love this tutorial on how to make a french knitting doll from a loo roll tube – makes me come over all Blue Peter! When I was a kid we used to do this with 4 nails in a cotton reel, but this idea makes it less fiddly for little fingers and it grows quickly (which for any kids craft in this house is very important).


CD Weaving

I used to do this when I was small – but back in the days before CD’s we had to cut out a circle of card instead.

Pom Poms

Pom poms are great – throw them around, use them to finish the finger knitting scarf you’ve just made. No need for a fancy pom pom maker, just cardboard, scissors and yarn.


Cross Stitch

Not such an instant fix as you’ll need to send away for a kit, but both of my boys (age 8 and 5) love cross stitch. We use kits made by Daisy Lynn Designs on E-bay. She makes great ‘First Stitches’ kits using ‘6 Count’ Aida fabric – which basically means that the crosses that make up the picture are nice and big, so they are easy for kids to start with. She does designs that will suit both girls and boys, and as the kits are only about £3.50 each and contain everything you need – needle, fabric and the chart I think they are great value for a bit of peace and quiet.

Fingers and toes crossed that it doesn’t rain like this for all of half term.


P.S. Sorry for the lack of pretty photos with this post, but it had to be quick!