Hello Yellow


I always find colour choices interesting. I will freely admit to being, shall we say, consistent in my usual colour choices. Some may choose to call my choices boring, but hey, it’s my blog post, so I’m going to stick with consistent. I like blue, I like different shades of blue and if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I’ll add in a bit of green or purple.

Now, in my defence, if I’m choosing colours either for something to crochet or sew, neither yarn or fabric are cheap. Add to that the fact that there is a lot of time and love that goes into even the smallest handmade item and to me that is  a strong recipe for sticking to what you know. Who wants to spend time and money making something and then not like it at the end?


Out of an entire quilt, this was the colour combination I kept coming back to.

However, every now and again a I’ll see a colour combination and it’ll stick in the grey cells and be filed under ‘new, interesting and worth replicating’. It may well lurk in the grey cells for quite some time before I do anything about it, but it’ll be there and it wont go away. This was very much the case last summer when I made a new quilt from an idea I’d seen on Pinterest (here) and the colour combination that caught my eye was the mustard yellow against the dark denim. Yellow is not a colour I’ve given much thought to before, trying to steer my way through life avoiding like the plague anything that The Old Bat would deem to be ‘jazzy’, so this attraction to one spot of quilt came as a bit of a surprise.


Look! Lovely yarn in the perfect colour = Happy Girl.

Like I say, the idea just lurked around for a while, but then when on a trip to Johnny Lou-Lou’s (that’s John Lewis to normal people) I found a lovely Rowan Holdiay Crochet pattern book I started to think.

Rowan Holiday Crochet 14 Designs by Marie Wallin

Rowan Holiday Crochet 14 Designs by Marie Wallin

The book has a lovely pattern for a shrug, but colour choices and budget lead me away from using Rowan yarn. Then I spotted that Sirdar Baby Bamboo comes in a lovely shade of mustard yellow – just the shade I’d been after, and a plan was hatched and an order placed with Black Sheep Wool (if you haven’t visited their site yet, take a look, it’s lovely!).


It’s magic, crochet a rectangle, sew it together in the right places and voila, a fluid draping wrap.

The pattern is fantastic, you crochet a big rectangle and then sew together sections of the shorter ends to make the arm holes. It look me a while to get into a rhythm with the pattern (for that read, I made a fair few mistakes and had to rip back rows and start again) but I did eventually get into my stride.


It’s an easy pattern to work – once you get into it!



The Baby Bamboo is soft and easy to work with and the fact that there was no tricky shaping made for happy mindless crochet. I especially love the magic as something that starts life as a flat boring rectangle transforms into a fluid draping shape that sits well and is lovely to wear.


I love the finished result and am glad that I stepped away from my usual colour choices, I may have even bought some nice matching yellow beads to make a bracelet – they’re delicious, like little grains of pretty rice.



And, ahem, maybe the beads were followed up by a pair of yellow birkies. I now have a new theory that it’s impossible to have a bad day when you’re wearing yellow shoes. I hope it works!



But I do think I’ll draw a line under my yellow things there. Maybe.


JP x