Scrap Happy 2016

I’ve had to admit to myself that my ‘collection’ of both yarn and fabric has got a little bit out of control. Every project just adds to the boxes that adorn the spare room – but the thing that I kept coming back to (especially with the yarn) is that it’s all nice stuff, so I couldn’t bring myself to give it away. We’re talking lovely aran wool, bamboo double knit, pretty sock yarn, a random ball of something nice I’ve seen.


It’s amazing how much I found when I started to look!

I’m not sure I was quite ready for how much yarn I was going to find when I started to look, but a cold damp Monday morning a couple of weeks ago I decided to look (I was procrastinating on a post-decorating tidying up chore, which funnily enough is what I’m still doing now!).

I was very happy with what I found – I’d already decided that anything artificial wasn’t going to make the cut, but apart from that it was the more the merrier. I’m not normally a rainbow sort of a girl, but how could I not with all these colours?


I had two things to solve – how to use lots of miss matched weights of yarn, and second how to start a blanket with no idea how big it was going to end up.

To resolve the first I went for a 10mm hook and 3 strands of yarn – making it a very quick project to grow and using 3 strands of different weights means I’ve been able to balance things out across the blanket.

To sort out how to start a blanket when I had no real idea of how big it is going to get, I decided to use the corner to corner technique. I’ve used it a couple of times recently, and it meant I could just weigh the yarn (over 3kg!), divide it in half by weight and then I would know once I got to the half way point and need to start decreasing.


The thing I’ve been most surprised about is how much I’m enjoying the project. It’s growing fast, it’s very, very warm to work on, in my mind the yarn is ‘free’, I’m making space in the spare room and the colours make my heart sing – what’s not to like?

Even though I’ve decided on a rainbow, I think because the colours are all natural fibres, and as the colour change is very gradual it’s not too over the top for me.


I’m on a roll now with the scrap projects – I’ve got ideas about a new blind for my landing window made out of fabric samples, and maybe some wall hangings for my newly redecorated bedroom (the one that I should currently be tidying / sorting) inspired by these beauties on the purl bee website.

I wonder how far through the year I can get without needing to buy any new yarn / fabric…





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