Summer Top For Winter!


Ooops.  I’ve done it again…..

I’ve done that whole – start a project then ignore it for 4 months – then pick it up and finish it off in a delighted way – only to realise that you won’t actually be able to wear it for another 6 months at least (and in this country, that’s not even a guarantee!) – then sigh.

So, this is the Summer Top For Winter which I finished last week (the middle of a pretty chilly Autumn).  I’m really delighted with how it turned out, albeit with a slight poochyness that I’ll have to wait a while to actually put it on properly.

The pattern for this top is a free one from Trish at Genuine Mud Pie (please see her lovely blog and tutorials here).  I loved the top that she made using this ‘gingko’ fan pattern, and just wanted to make a bolder version for myself.  Take some time to look at her really cute little crochet animals too. She also has another pattern called ‘sideways’, which I’m keeping my beady eyes on….


From what I can tell, Trish used a kind of jersey / t-shirt material for the body of her summer top, but I found this blue linen which I wanted to use instead.  The only issue is that the linen doesn’t stretch at all, so I decided to add the slim side panels to allow for a bit of ‘movement’ – just incase I eat too many cakes 🙂 I think the colours work really well together here. The side panels are literally just three rows of Trebles (UK), leaving enough room for the arm hole and a small space at the bottom to create a small ‘flap’ opening which I think finishes the edges really nicely.



The blue linen was just a good value piece I bought from my local haberdashers and the yarn is Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton 4ply in Peppermint (1831) – which I needed two balls of. So altogether, it’s a pretty affordable top to make.

Thanks Trish for the inspiration.

Now, on to warmer stuff 🙂



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