Autumn Leaf Crochet Mat


I’m totally fascinated by the wonderfully intricate crochet patterns made with tiny hooks and beautifully fine cottons. Crochet is such a versatile craft, don’t you think?  I generally tend to work with 4ply and larger yarns though, although I’m working on a beautiful lightweight edging in a pineapple pattern a the moment (more of this soon :))!

With that in mind, I was spending a happy while (….hour or so….) pottering through pinterest (it really does suck you in doesn’t it 🙂 ), when I saw this Leaf Coaster from Sandra Pontos’ Blog (here):


Leaf Coaster from Sandra Pontos Blog

Leaf Coaster from Sandra Pontos Blog


I just love these – they’re so very pretty and delicate and look terribly simple as a finished article, but you can tell how much work (and counting) has gone into each one.  Originally, I was thinking about making these coasters in a fabulous neon orange cotton which I have hiding in my yarn stash, but then it hit me that I should try ‘upsizing’ the design instead. And so, the giant leaf mat was born…..



I’m sure you’ve all come across this t-shirt yarn before?  This one is from Hoooked and is called Zpagetti.  (Have a look at their website here if you haven’t already – there are some amazing colour ways) It’s really wonderful to work with, because it has such a pleasing ‘springy’ nature….although to be honest, it’s a really good work out for your arms too. And because of it’s springy nature, it really does need proper blocking too…which I did using a cork board and some pins, soaking the whole leaf and then letting it dry in the sun.


The pattern (a chart you can find in the blog mentioned above) used up about half a cone of Zpagetti on a 12mm hook.  I generally prefer using bamboo hooks, but you can buy a fab looking bright pink plastic hook on the Hoooked website if you’re in need of one.  By the way, this yarn is also excellent for making floor cushions.  This is one I made about a year ago for my daughter…there’s a free pattern in for it here.


Because it’s such chunky yarn, the leaf only took me a couple of days to make – I love it when you can picture something in your mind and then have it sitting there in front of you after just a few happy hours of work.

So…the end result is not quite as lovely and neat as the little coasters, but I think it’s great.  Made in a brighter colour this could really make some fun outdoor seat pads for kids, or maybe even a bath mat.




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