Bamboo meets bamboo


Afternoon all

This past week, I’ve decided that I’m like a cross between a magpie and some other (extremely) easily distracted animal where it comes to yarn.  Through (almost) no fault of my own, I’m working on three separate projects at the same time…again.  Why do we do this to ourselves (I know it’s not just me now is it?)  On this occasion, it’s probably because I happened to walk past a nice wool shop (oooooh shiny yarn), and couldn’t actually just walk past (wouldn’t that make a nice cushion), when really I should have (especially if you put it with this other colour here…..mmmmmm).  Oh dear!


So, project number one is the continuation of my poncho – which has now turned into a blanket (don’t ask!) instead. Somehow, it was just so cozy sitting under it and working away, that it seemed a shame not to keep on going.  I’ve decided I’m going to have three long stripes of colour and see how that works.  I’ve started with this denim blue and have found a deep teal for the next stripe along.  I’m using Wendy Mode chunky (see here) which is 50% pure merino wool, just soft enough, and very warm! Not sure if I’ll go for something very bright as a contrast once I’ve done the teal, or stick to more subtle colours – will just have to wait and see what mood I’m in 🙂




Number two is pure indulgence – I bought this amazing yarn (Rowan Kidsilk Haze Stripe) from John Lewis (see here) a couple of weeks back.  It’s THE most expensive yarn I’ve EVER bought, but one ball makes a super soft long scarf, which I’m making for my mum.  So….I’m considering the cost as a present – ok,ok, that’s just my excuse 🙂  The colours really are just wonderful and I’m constantly wondering how on earth they manage to make the colour change through the yarn – my small brain can’t really comprehend it (sigh).




And finally…number three is going to be using this fabulous bamboo yarn, mixed with Sari Ribbon by Louisa Harding (all will be revealed soon).  To be honest, I’ve not yet found a Louisa Harding yarn that I don’t love, and this ribbon style yarn really is no exception.  Its quite firm in texture, so I’m not sure I’d like to use it solo, but as an addition to another yarn, I think it will be pretty fabulous.  Once again, it appeals to my eternal need for general shine and sparkle, and it comes in some amazing colours.  The one I’ve chosen is appropriately called ‘Jam’ and actually doesn’t break the bank at around £5 for a 100g ‘hank’.  (I bought mine from who seem to have very reasonable prices).  I’ve used bamboo yarns before, but never of this weight (this one is Sirdar’s Big Bamboo) And, of course, I’m a true believer in bamboo hooks. Bamboo is pretty remarkable substance really, considering it’s various uses. This is going to be a great project, and Jo and I are working on a tutorial to go with it, so watch this space.





Happy crochet days.





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