It IS spring, it IS spring…isn’t it?


Wow – the weather just can’t make up it’s mind at the moment can it?

At least the flowers around about have made a determined effort to keep the seasons turning, and there is the teeniest little bit of Spring in the air if you sniff carefully – oh, and rainbows too 🙂


And Spring (or at least the sniff of it) has bought me back to the bunny that never was – a project I started about a year ago and have FINALLY finished – yay.


Crocheted animals are more Jo’s gig to be honest, but I decided to make this little guy for my daughter and then….erm….got a little bit….sidetracked!  I just didn’t like the ears from the pattern and wanted to make my own version, but somehow just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm.  So, the earless and faceless bunny has been sat in my (rather large) ‘to do’ pile, whiling away the days and months.  Until this weekend, when I decided enough was enough – so here he is, ears and all.


The yarn I used was just amazing – it’s Debbie Bliss Andes, which is a Baby Alpaca / Mulberry Silk mix. It feels wonderful and is super shiny.  You can buy it here in the UK.

And whilst I was not making the bunny ears, I was keeping busy playing with another Debbie Bliss yarn (Party Angel) which I get a little over excited about, because it has sparkly bits in (I know, but really, how can you resist). There are pretty pictures of it here.


I’ve played around a bit and made some wrist warmers for my daughter.  I took a stitch pattern (Peacock) from this very lovely book and created an outer layer in the Party Angel


then sewed it onto a jersey material backing (which was actually the cut off ends of some sleeves from an old t-shirt!).  Still have some finishing up to do, but the effect is pretty much what I was looking for.


Not the most practical of items, but frankly, I don’t care, because it’s sparkly!  🙂

Happy hooking people.


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