More Felting Joy

Jo’s totally right about felting (….see here).


We’ve been having lots of fun rediscovering needle felting.  The book by Jackie Huang has certainly helped with inspiration, and has led me off on my own journey of discovery too.  From the owl featured in Jackie’s book, I moved swiftly on to playing around with my own designs.  I just LOVE this stuff.  It’s like grown up play dough, you can add a bit here, change a shape there and the range of colour choices is just amazing.


This monster was for my son – and also to use up some ‘variegated’ wool roving that I’d bought and couldn’t think of a use for, so a monster it was.  He’s somewhat crazy, but totally fun too.  I had a lovely time adding little bits here and there.  Jo and I both agree that we prefer working with a slightly rougher wool roving rather than the super soft Merino – it just seems to mould better, although the merino does give a ‘smoother’ finish….


Monster finished, I got pestered for something for my daughter, and this little fairy lady popped into my head.  I’m really pleased with how she turned out.



For some bizarre reason, I then decided that the fairy needed a tree to stand next to (don’t ask, I don’t know why…) and then it was time to start playing with some valentines ideas.



For now though, I have tied the top of my felting supplies bag firmly shut until I’ve finished my poncho which is growing ever so slowly….

Until next time.



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