A New Love

We had been asked by a couple of people to add needle felting onto our list of workshops, so we’ve dutifully been working on putting together a new workshop – which will be needle felted hearts, ready for valentines day. Now I have to admit that in the past needle felting has just left me a little cold – I could do it, the end product was quite pleasing, but I just didn’t feel the crafty love. Now however, I think I’m getting a little obsessed, mainly due to this book by Jackie Huang.


Something has clicked in what’s left of my little brain, and I’m a little bit in love. The wool buddies have been increasing in number and the orders to an online felting supplier have been flying off from my keyboard. It all started with Mr Owl, and he was closely followed by Mr Rabbit (not sure why, but all my creations are boys).


They’ve been very pleasing to make, the repetitive stabbing action is gentle and easy to get lost in. They slowly, slowly start to take on  shape, character and identity. The felting process is very forgiving (unless you stab your finger), it feels to me like to play dough of the craft world. If the shape you’ve felted isn’t what you had in mind, no matter, just add a bit more wool and carry on stabbing. Adding the detail is the most satisfying part, building up the woolly definition to create fun and interesting features. Somehow it does feel wrong stabbing them in the eyeballs, but if they’re going to be felted on, stab I must.


Mr Fox came next, looking up at me rather like my childhood dog used to when you were anywhere near food. The final project for the week was Mr Frog, as requested by my eldest, because in the book they have the same name.


My mind is starting to whirl slowly with original ideas of my own, and Karey has already made some fantastic designs of her own which hopefully she’ll post up here soon.

So, for this week at least, my crochet projects have languished in the basket at the end of my sofa while I play with my new found love.

JP x


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