The Cod

I’m fairly sure that when I have ideas like I’ve had this week (and more to the point, I’ve have the time to get from idea to finished product) that thoughts about me getting a ‘proper job’ start to cross my husband’s mind. Luckily he keeps those thoughts to himself and family life in Pillay Towers chugs along as normal.

The idea I had this week was to make a cod. Bare with me, there is a logical (ish) reason. A good friend of Crafts & Coffee works at our local theatre, and this year with the Christmas flooding, panto has been more of a challenge than usual. Now, I like to class myself as a regular theatre goer (twice a year is regular, right?) and my two trips are once to the panto and one to The Cod.

The Cod is when, after the last performance of the proper panto the crew do their own version of the show. It’s part revenge, very funny, pretty rude, brightens up my january and raises lots of money for charity.



So, as this performance is happening this evening, on Wednesday I started to wonder if I could crochet a cod – after a quick browse of google images of Gadus Morhua and a trip out for some suitably fishy yarn (Sirdar Ella) my ideas started to take shape. I wasn’t after 100% accuracy, just the spirit of fishyness – and a lot of sparkle, as this was after all destined to be a theatre cod, darhling. My initial ideas on size had to be scaled back, as progress and time frame became clear, but I worked his body in rounds playing the increasing and decreasing by eye as I worked along the body. The fins and the all important sparkly sequins were added on after.


He’s been a very pleasing project to make and my mind has started to wander towards what other fishy creations I could make, but theses ideas will have to join the queue and wait quietly.


He’s fishy, he’s coddy and he’s about to be gift wrapped and given to my friend, after what will no doubt be a very funny performance this evening.

JP x



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