The One that Got Away….

OK, so I’m a bit of a beginner at this blogging business – I read enough crafty blogs to get the idea that you’re supposed to write about what you’re currently making, then when it’s done post lots of lovely photos of the completed work. So, on the upside I’ve finished the polar bear I wrote about in my last post in plenty of time for Christmas, on the down side, it’s now in Suffolk and I forgot to take any photos before it went. Rookie mistake. So, you’ll have to trust me on this one – he was very cute and was well received by The Old Bat.

My current project (which incidentally is for me to keep, so there will be photos of the finished article!) is a Chameleon, from the same book  ‘Crochet Wild Animals’ by Vanessa Mooncie that the polar bear came from.


He’s not going to have any real purpose in life, I just liked the look of him and he looked pretty tricky and I’m always up for a challenge. So far, it’s going well – in order for him to be able to change colour you work two identical chameleon ‘bodies’ and eight legs which are then stitched so that he can be turned inside out to magically change colour.


This is all great, but eight fairly fiddly legs are driving me nuts – am trying to do one a day to get the job done, I’m determined that I’ve done too much work on him so far to let him languish in my work-in-progress pile. The current pile of chameleon bits and bobs is looking far from attractive – to the point where my sister visited recently and taking one look at a pile of part finished legs and inquired if I was making offal – nice!


Today for me has mainly been about getting ready for the Crafts & Coffee workshop Karey and I are running tonight. Before a workshop we always spend some time during the day getting everything ready. Tonight we’re going to be teaching crochet hand warmers – perfect for this time of year, and a very pleasing project that’s easy to master and make something useful. My favorite part of getting organised has got to have been a chance to play with my wool winder – an ancient bit of 70’s beige plastic that magically turns the yarn we buy into beautiful balls of exactly the right weight for the projects that we’re teaching. There is something about neat tidy balls of yarn all lined up and ready to go that makes me very happy. If this is an indication that I should possibly get out more, then so be it!


Happy 2014 everyone!



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