Polar Love

Firstly, welcome to the new blog section of our website – we’ve spent a long time getting here, but it’s here, it’s working and all is well with the world!


Back in November part of my birthday pressie from my sister was a fantastic book called ‘Crochet Wild Animals‘ by Vanessa Mooncie – which I love, lots. I do like making things that are cute, but not necessarily useful and this book fits the bill perfectly. I’m currently working on the polar bear, he’s a handsome chap and I’m using Rowan ‘Creative Worsted’ yarn to make him quite a luxurious, high class kind of a guy. The one I’m making now is my second, the first one was quickly wrapped and dispatched off to Devon to keep my Step-Mum company for the winter. The current one is going to The Old Bat (my mum) for Christmas. Luckily he’s pretty quick to make, so he’ll be done and dusted before her broom stick lands on Sunday morning.



The thing that always used to put me off crochet patterns that involved counting (as opposed to nice rows of something easy like granny stripes) was keeping track of where I’d got to – which is why in the photo there is a pencil right next to my crochet hook, which combined with a stitch marker and a post-it note makes for my fool proof system. My problem used to be that I could never keep track of what round I was working on  (was it 11,14 or maybe 17?), I hate counting rows and I don’t like the feeling of not being confident that I’m in the right place on the pattern and doing the right thing.


I appreciate that none of this is rocket science but what I’ve been doing is using the stitch marker to mark the very last stitch in my round. This means that if I ever make a mistake and need to pull back my work, I know exactly where to unravel to and can easily stop in the right place and start again. The second thing is the post-it and pencil combo, not very high tech, but I just write down the row numbers and tick them off as I go (and the post-it sticks nicely to the page and doesn’t get lots) – it’s especially useful when you’ve got a lot of rows to repeat. I know you can go back and count rows, but I like to do this as it saves me that job and if I’m distracted mid row by real life getting in the way of my crochet time, I know exactly where I need to carry on from. So, as I complete each round, I just move the stitch marker into the new ‘last’ stitch and have the satisfaction of ticking off another row. Works for me.

So, my polar bear body is complete and I’ve got time today to work on the legs so I’m thinking he should be all finished by tomorrow. Then I can get back to working on my colour changing chameleon (see, what did I say – cute but pointless is like catnip to me…)





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